American Doxie Weenie Pins - Series One

$ 11.95

American Doxie Weenie Pins are Here! For Series One, we have 5 new hard enamel pins to choose from. You can grab single pins or the entire set (and save!). 

  • Individually Sold or Available in a Complete Set (Limited Set Stock)
  • Pin 1: "Ask Me About My Wiener Dog"
  • Pin 2: "8 Bit" Wiener Dog Racing Game Pin - Red Dachshund
  • Pin 3: "8 Bit" Wiener Dog Racing Game Pin - Black & Tan Dachshund
  • Pin 4: Cartoon Weenie Pin - Red Dachshund
  • Pin 5: Cartoon Weenie Pin - Black & Tan Dachshund

Note: Please keep pins out of the reach of children and animals for safety reasons. 

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