AD Vintage Series: Speedy McWeenie's Hot Rod Shop Tee ( Smooth Haired - Various Coats)

$ 26.95

New to the AD Vintage Series is our Speedy McWeenie's Hot Rod Shop Tees for Smooth Haired Dachshund owners. We currently have several coats including: Black & Tan, Red, and Chocolate & Tan. 

Printed over a super soft blended oatmeal fleck tee. These tees have a very weathered and distressed fade style to them with a feel-less ink graphic. This print style has a lower ink opacity and will have some garment showing through the graphic for a very old school look. We're also including a matching can cooler until our stock runs out!   

  • Free Matching Can Cooler (While Supplies Last!)
  • Available in Classic Unisex Fit
  • Printed and finished locally in Texas

These tees are also available for Long Haired Dachshund owners. A wire haired version is in the works for the near future!

These items are being produced in-house and are made to order. It may take around 1-4 days to process depending on our workload, but we will work our fastest to get them out! 

Fitting Info:
Classic Unisex Fit: FITS AVERAGE. The fit is true to size and will remain within a reasonable size to its original shape after washing. For most women we recommend staying true to your size and not sizing up. For most men, we also recommend staying true to your size, however, if you find yourself in between sizes you may want to consider going a size up. For more precise fitting dimensions, please refer to our sizing charts.

Depending on your screen's color settings, shirt colors may vary slightly. 

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