"LIMITED STOCK" AD Mystery Shirt 3-Pack Bundle (Only 50 Available!)

$ 42.95

We have a very limited stock of only 50 Mystery Bundles! Available until 8/7.

Here's your chance to grab a bundle of American Doxie goodies worth $90+ (reg price) at a fraction of the cost! Please read the full details. 

• x3 American Doxie Mystery Shirts (random mix of either short sleeve, long sleeve, or sweatshirt)
• x1 American Doxie 3-Pack of Mystery Stickers

The Details:

If you've ordered in the past, we'll look at your previous orders to make sure you do not receive items you already have - this will be based on the email you're checking out with and order history. We can only go off this information.

If you've ordered a mystery box in the past, please let us know which shirt you received in that box in the "notes" section of the checkout page as we do not have a record of previous mystery box contents.

Coupon codes cannot be used for this special item as we've brought the cost down to give you the best price! Please note that all sales are final on this product. 

Can I choose my shirts? 
Unfortunately no, it will remain a mystery! 

What will I get? 
It will be 3 shirts. It could be 3 short sleeve tees, 2 short sleeves and a long sleeve, 2 short sleeves and a sweat shirt, etc. The combination will depend on several factors such as inventory selection and previous order history (if any). 

Will there be any tank tops?
If you'd like a tank top in the bundle and we do have some stock, please let us know in the "notes" section and we'll do our best to make one part of the 3-pack, but no guarantees.

What about specifically themed shirts (i.e. alcohol or State themed)?
We will not include any of the shirts with themes like alcohol in the mix. However, if you do want one of those themes, please add it to the notes on your checkout and we will try our best depending on stock. We will also be conscious about your location (i.e. if you live in Alabama, you wouldn't receive a Texas design tee).

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